Free quote

For any translation or proofreading job, my rates depend on four main factors: its volume, its deadline, the technical complexity of the subject, and the software prerequisites. Payments are made via PayPal.

It is therefore easier for me to determine a quote for your project if you address these four factors:
   – How many words does this project represent? (You can use one of our words counters from the Tools section)
   – What is the due date for it? Or within how many days has it to be delivered?
   – What is the subject at hand, its vocabulary and style (technical, scientific, marketing…), its audience (mainstream, specialists…)?
   – In which format will the input be provided, and the output expected (Microsoft Word, plain text, PDF, HTML…)?

If you can provide me with a sample of your translation or proofreading project, my quote will get even more accurate. In that case, please send me the sample at my email address.