I am specialized in translation (from English, Spanish, and Portuguese to French), in French proofreading, as well as in software and website internationalization and localization.

Born and bred in France, I have lived and travelled in Canada, United States, Portugal, Brazil and Costa Rica, before coming back to Paris, which gives me a deep understanding of markets and cultural differences between those countries.

I offer localization services from international French (as spoken in France) to Canadian French and vice versa, from Spanish from Spain to American Spanish (United States, Central America), and from Brasilian Portuguese to European Portuguese.

I can handle any kind of support (flat-text, GNU Gettext, XML language files, HTML/XHTML, database-driven content, Word document…). As I am also a web developer, I can integrate your texts translations directly into your source code or templates (HTML, PHP, Twig…).

Translations and proofreadings are charged by the number of words: there is no surprise between the quotation and the delivery.

Latest news: I have published a post entitled Accessibility and usability of online videos in MOOC context on my blog Web Technos and Translation, as well as another one about La última escala del tramp steamer, by Álvaro Mutis on my reading list blog Polyglot reader.