Words counters

One of a translator’s task is to quote their work: how many words to translate for a project, and how much will it cost for the client. With the variety of file formats available on the market, the translation quote need a lot of different tools to perform it. Those words counters will make it easy for you.

show/hide Website words counter
show/hide Gettext words counter (.po file)
show/hide MicroDVD words counter (.sub file)
show/hide SubRip words counter (.srt file)
show/hide SubStation Alpha words counter (.ssa file)
show/hide Advanced SubStation Alpha words counter (.ass file)
show/hide SubViewer words counter (.sub file)
show/hide Timed Text file words counter
show/hide XLIFF words counter

Readability tests

Readability tests and readability metrics are a way to measure the reading ease, comprehension, retention, reading speed, and reading persistence of a text.
We do not write the same way for an audience of 14-year olds or marketing specialists, for a scientific meeting or in a consent form in a hospital.

Website language identifier

This tool analyzes the language used on a website. It uses the state of the art of Natural Language Processing to distinguish between all the supported languages.

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