Natural Language Processing is an interdisciplinary field at the intersection of computer science and linguistics which deals with any problem concerning languages. For instance, it deals with information extraction and retrieval or orthographic correction.

Since I have a deep interest in both languages and programming, it was very natural for me to propose solutions at the confluence of those two areas.

Transliteration is the process of representing the characters of a given script by the characters of another. It is particularly used in the processing of textual data and for bibliographic needs.
For instance, when a user performs a search, the transliteration process can find the information written in a different alphabet and returns it into the user’s script.

Of Languages and Numbers
I am inviting you to a journey through some numbering systems via this site. I am not only talking about spelling out numbers in different languages or explaining their numbering rules, which this site does as a primary purpose, but I would like to expand your knowledge of languages and give you a hint of their richness when it comes to give a name to that very big level of abstraction represented by numbers.

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