Translating a website needs a different approach than translating a document for another media. Two specific constraints are added for the two targets, ie. visitors and search engines.

Visitors have different reading habits on the internet comparing with other medias. They skim through the content to find the information they are looking for. Style should be more concise, data easier to find.

Search engines have specific constraints you need to take into account if you want your site to appear in the first result pages to get traffic and visibility.

For example:

– The vocabulary should be targeted to your service or product. What people will query in the search engines to find your site has to be analized, then used in your texts.

– The description meta tag could repeat those queries to ease the indexation of your site, and keep the accented letters as non HTML-encoded (or your site summary will be full of é that will make it unreadable). Remember that field may be displayed to visitors on search-engine results.

I am trained in search-engine optimization. I can write texts at the same time readable by your visitors and search-engine friendly.

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